Dr. Faisal Ameer MS MCh MRCSEd

A surgeon with technical excellence with an artistic touch, Dr. Ameer understands the critical difference between change and improvement in plastic surgery and pays strict attention to detail so that every patient may enjoy an enhancement that appears and feels natural. At his practice he abides by the golden rule, providing his patients with the very same level of care that he would expect to receive.

Dr. Ameer is a board certified plastic surgeon, trained at King George Medical University, Lucknow. He is recipient of the prestigious International Scholar Fellowship Program of the Plastic Surgery Foundation sponsored by American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons and World Craniofacial Foundation for the year 2015. He is an International Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery and Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, UK. He is a Life member of Association of Plastic Surgeons of India and various other plastic, aesthetic and wound care societies. He has done fellowships in Aesthetic, Hand and Microvascular Surgery.


What Other's Say

“ great artist....maddening sense of humour.....lanky taaaaalllll figure....nice smile AND AND AND those creepy long long long marphan like fingers that do magic with pencil and hopefully with knife too, I am his outright fan”

Dr. Lenin Ligu - Consultant Orthopaedics at Ramakrishna Mission Hospital, Itanagar.

“He is one of GENIUS persons, i know....very talented, knows how to tackle any situation....fantastic SURGEON...always helpful, a great person to take advice from...what I can say in nutshell is ONE OF KIND!!!!”

Dr. Sunny Aggarwal - Paediatrician

A genius with perfect hands

“Some men are born great,some achieve greatness and some have greatness entrusted upon them...He is the perfect example of first category...A genius with perfect hath humka dedo Boss.”

Dr. Skand Shukla - Consultant Rheumatologist, Lucknow.

combination of art ,medicine & technolgy

“There are very few people who get a combination of art ,medicine & technolgy with right kind of attitude. Faisal has got it all to become a great plastic surgeon and good human. I'm waiting to see ,what future has in store for him , I wish you can reach a place where you can deliver what you think you can . Keep moving ..........”

Dr. Brijesh Mishra - Associate Professor Plastic Surgery, King George Medical University, Lucknow.

“Best plastic surgeon of Meerut.”

Dr Ravi Chauhan - Senior Pediatrician, Meerut.

expert with magical hands

“I know Dr. Faisal Ameer very well. He is an expert with magical hands. He has god given gift and is expert in doing very fine work. One day he will be the best plastic surgeon in the world.”

Dr. Atma Ram Bansal - Senior Neurologist and Epilepsy Specialist, Medanta Medcity, Gurgaon.

“Great work you have done on website. It is very difficult to design a website like this , to a professional web designer also. But u have done it. Keep it up…”

Vipin Kumar, - Web Designer.

master of many

“Boss hats off to your skills .. weather its surgery or technology or any other art . you are master of all.....people say you can be jack of all trade but master of one but you have proved them wrong.. you are the master of many ....very good surgeon and very good friend and above all very good human being...I wish you all the sucess and hapiness in your of luck boss may god bless you with all the good things which you deserve.

Dr. Anuj Sharma - Associate Professor of Surgery, LLRM Medical College, Meerut.

wonderful care and support

“No letter I could write could possibly express how grateful I am to you for all the wonderful care and support you have provided me during my hair transplant. Thank you for all you have done. You are a wonderful doctor, and I feel blessed to have met you! you are an asset for the Indian plastic surgery.”

Mohammad Shahin - Ayurveda Manager Forte village Resort Sardinia Italy.

hard working and compassionate

“Dr.Faisal Ameer is an excellent surgeon having a pleasing personality and caring nature. He is liked by one and all. He is an excellent artist. As a teacher I found him to be diligent, hard working and compassionate. I wish him great success in all his endeavours.”

Ramesh Babu - Professor of Anatomy

best among the lot

Faisal, I have seen you studying, I have seen your passion towards creativity, let it be of any form or kind. You were best among the lot, still YOU ARE best among the lot. Keep growing, be creative in complex world of plastic surgery... I know you do that too as a perfectionist artist. I am in short supply of words to praise you ...with blessings keep smiling and keep serving ...humanity....

Sudhir Bhalla, - entrepreneur and businessman

Got that the Midas touch

I have known Faisal since he was a budding surgeon doing his residency at Meerut. I as senior resident, used to get very good views about him and this made me all the more curious to know more about him. And trust me they were not wrong. He's extremely intelligent and hard working. Very jovial too. He's so much multi talented that till date I could not fathom the depth of his creativity. Now he has blossomed into a supremely gifted plastic surgeon. He's lanky figure, long and soft fingres, looks like he was born to be a plastic surgeon only. Throw him any challenge and he grabs it with both arms. We have tested him many times and he always comes out with flying colours. As expected he's going great guns at LLRM Medical college as In charge of plastic surgery unit. I wish him all the very best for his future. Yes, he has got that the Midas touch.

Dr S P Singh, M. S. - Professor of Surgery

best Medical professional

Dr. Faisal is one of the best Medical professional I have ever seen in my life. I have been with him for one year during residency in Delhi. I found him sincere, hardworking, laborious. He always gives his 100%. We use to follow him. He is master in every field of life. One thing I like the most in him is his passion for the art and craft which makes him a perfect plastic surgeon. God bless and keep going.

Dr Lav Kush Pandey - Interventional Pain & Critical Care physician Clinical Director, Doon Trauma Centre & Hospital Dehradun.

fine art skills with surgery

Faisal is one who has merged his fine art skills with surgery and doing a great job in field of plastic surgery.

Dr. Swati Tiwari, Meerut

comforting to patient

Dr. Faisal has an inherent nick to tailor made a procedure according to the requirement of patient. His jolly nature and sympathetic attitude is comforting to patient as well as to colleague.

Dr. Nivesh Agrawal - Professor of Surgery and Head unit III Bps govt. Med college for women Khanpur Kalan Sonepat Haryana

best, perfect, artistic and charismatic hand

I do remember when you drew the anatomy manual in the first year of MBBS, it was preserved, When we saw your paintings, everybody became astonished. When people saw your artistic hand during the college magazine-blast, they simply said wahwah! When you got surgery, I knew that u will become a plastic surgeon one day. When I was SMO, ART center, I had put your painting on AIDS in my chamber. Dearest Faisal, u have got the best, perfect, artistic and charismatic hand. You have to do a lot of wonders in coming years. May you achieve the ultimate heights of plastic surgery.

Dr. Vishwajeet Bembi - Senior Physician, Meerut.

Perfect Balance

of Science & Art

Surgery as a science asks for evidence and logic, and art calls for proportions and visual harmony. Plastic surgery requires a perfect balance between evidence based medicine and artistry to achieve the most pleasing results with safety.

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